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Technology Workshop

It is great to see our 6th grade students readily adapt to the middle school environment!  I am happy to be joining the middle school staff this year in teaching a 6th grade technology workshop course.  This is my 11th year in Brentwood, where my primary job responsibilities are as the Instructional Technology Director.  In addition to work with tech systems and training, a high point for me is the opportunity to interact with students at the classroom level; I've first gotten acquainted with your students at McGrath and Mark Twain throughout their elementary years, having worked with them most recently as 5th grade podcasters.  Our technology workshop time extends this learning relationship.

Course Description: 

Technology Workshop is focused on the digital learner and cloud computing applications. Students will work with Web 2.0 tools for creating, organizing, presenting, and storing information. With technology fluency and digital citizenship in mind, students will create products that incorporate audio, video, and image creation. Students will collaborate as they develop informational projects that extend the curriculum and transfer these multimedia skills in core curriculum classes through project-based learning.

Instruction in technology workshop will embed file management and organizational strategies that support productivity. Web tools change daily as they are independently developed, used freely, and marketed. Here are some of the apps we will use; others have not yet been created, so the list will be constantly changing. Who knows? Maybe one of our students will “scratch” out an app that we add to the list!

Google Sites, Google apps, Add-ons, Animoto, Voki, Blabberize, online bookmarking, QR coding,
AudioBoo, Audacity, EasyBib, Scrawlar, Thinglink, EDpuzzle, BannerSnack, Loupe, Scratch, Pixton, Powtoon, Symbaloo