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"Music to me is like breathing - I don't get tired of breathing - I don't get tired of music"
- Ray Charles

Welcome to Mrs. Stinson's music class! Please check here often to find fun updates, links and photos! My aim is to create an environment where each student feels successful in creating and performing music. We will play instruments, sing, dance and HAVE FUN! Welcome to a wonderful year in MUSIC!

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Planet Rock Video for practice-ALL GRADES

Words to the song:

Come and fly away with another galaxy

I'm building a rocket as fast as I can and blasting off to where the music began!

Ten!  Nine!  Eight!  Seven!  Six!  Five!  Four!  Three!  Two!  One!  BLAST OFF!


Planet Rock.  I'm gonna take you to Planet Rock.  You can rock it too.

Every day we'll rock the world with music.  That is what we do...On Planet Rock!

Planet Rock.  There's room for everyone.  Planet Rock.  Gonna have some fun.

Every day we'll sing it in our own way.  Every dream comes true....On Planet Rock!

Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars.  Meteor showers, shooting stars.

Get a rocket, run or walk, we're blasting off,  blasting off to Planet Rock, Rock, Rock!

Everybody rock, rock, rock!

Join the party, rock, rock, rock!

Make a planet Rock Rock Rock!!!

Repeat the chorus