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Hello, my name is Annette Cook. I am in my 8th year as a Parent Educator and I have been involved in Early Childhood Education for the past 16 years. One of my favorite things about being a Parent Educator in the Brentwood School District is the strong sense of community pride. I enjoy seeing our families connect at our group meetings and create memories and friendships through play and exploration. It is a privilege working one on one with so many incredible Brentwood families. I am always amazed at the uniqueness that every family has in raising their children. No two families that I have met are exactly alike, yet the one thing that all families have in common is that they love their children. It is that love that makes them a parent, and it is what they do with that love that gives their children what they need to succeed in life. Thank you for allowing PAT to help you in aiding your children to grow and become the people they were designed to be!

When children are successful at learning and parents are successful at parenting, 
happiness ensues.