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Mrs. Kyle Henderson » Welcome to the LEAP Classroom!

Welcome to the LEAP Classroom!

Welcome to LEAP! I am the Gifted classroom teacher, the LEAP teacher, for both Mark Twain Elementary and McGrath Elementary Schools.  I currently teach classes of first grade through fifth grade students.  Starting in the fall, I  also work with the kindergarten and first grade classes,  teaching monthly enrichment lessons. 
As the year begins I'm looking forward to getting to know all my students and learning about their strengths and interests.  This knowledge will enable me to build more meaningful and relevant units of study for my students.
Communication: As the gifted elementary education specialist, I travel between both elementary schools each week. Each week I start my classes at Mark Twain (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and finish at McGrath Elementary (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday). Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have questions or concerns.  To communicate with LEAP families and show what students have been working on in class, I send monthly newsletters with photos and summaries of each grade level.
Family collaboration: I know that our students' families provide a wealth of expertise and information, and I love weaving that into the classroom curriculum.  Please let me know throughout the year of any information, books or resources, or expertise you have or would like to share. I look forward to working with your student and you!
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