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Sarah Pfeifer » Mathematics


Welcome to 8th grade!  I am excited to be starting my ninth year teaching mathematics at the middle school level.  We have so much material to learn, so I hope that you are prepared to have a fun and productive year.   I have found great satisfaction working with middle school students, but I have also had many other experiences working with students of all age levels. In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education Degree from the University of Kansas.  I majored in Elementary and Middle Education and specialized in mathematics and social studies. In 2008, I received a Master’s of Science in Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas. ROCK CHALK!

 Classroom Expectations:

 Character.  This is OUR classroom.  Each student has a special part to play in order for our classroom to run smoothly, and you are a very important part.  Respect for others is of primary importance.  Students are expected to do their “personal best.”

Materials.  Organization is an essential skill for success in middle school.  You will keep a binder exclusively for Math.  Come to class prepared with the following materials: math text book, math binder, graph paper, pencils, red grading pen, and calculator.

Homework.  Homework is an integral part of the Math program.  Homework is not optional.  You must complete all assignments.  All homework should be completed and turned in the next day unless stated otherwise. 

Tests and Quizzes.  I reserve the right to give several unannounced quizzes throughout the year.  All tests and quizzes are important and should be taken seriously.  Generally, several quizzes are given through a unit of study, and a summative assessment will be given at the conclusion of a unit. 

Absent Work.  Regular attendance is a critical factor in student success.  If you are absent, please contact me as soon as possible.  You will have the number of days missed to turn in makeup work. 

Participation.  I expect everyone to take an active role in learning.  This means attending class, being punctual, having necessary supplies and materials, paying attention, asking and answering questions, taking part in group projects, and completing assignments on time.

Help Sessions.  Before and after school help sessions will be available upon student request.

Keys to Success in Mathematics

  1. Homework should be completed the day it is assigned
  2. Actively participate in class
  3. Stay organized
  4. Ask questions
  5. Give best effort


Grading Policy

Grades in mathematics will be based on the following scale:


Quizzes and Reflections—40%

Assessments and Projects—40%