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First grade had a Fiesta de Frutas! Look at all of the fruta they brought in! It was deliciosa!

Hispanic Heritage Month Fun!

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates Hispanic people living in the United States and their culture. It is celebrated from September 15th until October 15h. There are many festivals around the U.S., including here in St. Louis. We are celebrating in full swing in Spanish class! Here is a quick glance at what each grade level is doing:

-Kindergarten made Mexican flags using tissue paper to practice our fine motor skills. We also learned that the colors of the Mexican flag are verde, blanco and rojo. If you don’t know what those colors are, ask your child!!

-1st grade is learning how to say different fruits in Spanish. We are making passports so we can travel around the world (or the Spanish classroom) and visit Spanish-speaking countries and learn what fruits are grown there. Then we will have a fruit fiesta to celebrate!

-2nd grade is learning about piñatas. They watched a video to learn how to make a piñata and then wrote a story about a piñata they would like to make. The stories were put together to make a class book that is in the Spanish classroom library for all grade levels to read!

-3rd grade has learned about the history and sounds of maracas. Each student made their own maraca and filled it with either arroz, frijoles o los dos (the third graders can translate this for you!). Now, they are in the process of working in small groups to write a song in Spanish, and then they will perform it for the class using their maracas.

-4th grade is taking over the annual tradition of recreating a Mexican market for the entire school to shop at. In small groups, they made a plan for their tienda (store) and now are in the process of making crafts to sell. On October 17th, the gym will be transformed into a Mexican Market where each grade level will get to go shopping. ¡Olé!

-5th grade is learning about Salvador Dali, a famous painter from Spain. We have taken special note of his famous painting, The Persistence of Memory, with the distorted clocks. We will be making clocks from old records that have been melted with a heat gun. The students will paint their clock and choose a time significant to them. They are also learning how to tell time so they can read the time they chose to put on their clock in Spanish.