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Meet Miss Ladyman

Hello! My name is Miss Ladyman and I am one of the second grade teachers here at McGrath Elementary. This is my first year in second grade and I am so excited!  I previously taught third grade at McGrath for six years. Before that, I was the fifth grade teacher here at McGrath for five years. I feel so lucky to be teaching and especially here at McGrath because this is where I did my student teaching during my college career. I had the opportunity to find out what a great group of teachers, students, and parents are here at McGrath and have continued to enjoy this district over the years.


I have a Bachelors Degree from Fontbonne University and I am currently taking classes to earn my Masters Degree.  I like to take on leadership roles in the district and have been the summer school coordinator, elementary science facilitator, and I am part of the CI3T initiative team for behavior.  I like to keep busy!


There are many things you will learn about me, especially if you are one of my LUCKY students. For instance, my favorite color is purple.  I love to wear it, decorate with it, and grade my papers with purple. I also love the movie Finding Nemo. That little clown fish is so cute! I love to read on the weekends, spend time with my family, and during the summer one of my favorite activities is camping. I have the cutest chocolate Teacup Pomeranian named Bitsy. She's only 5 pounds!  I'm the most proud of my nephew, Logan, who is a smart four year old and my niece, Ella who is a beautiful four month old firecracker!  I hope you were able to learn about me and I am hoping I will get the chance to learn a little bit about all of you too!


Email is the best way to contact me.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime.