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                      I Believe...

I believe that all students have the capacity to learn science and  hold the potential to become  members of a scientifically  literate society. I endeavour to arouse their curiosity and to train and encourage them to ask meaningful questions about observations of their world around them . I believe thatmolecule.jpg   students should be engaged in the process of science in order to develop deep understandings of scientific concepts. It is my desire to challenge them to step beyond their comfort zones

and to reach toward their full potential, understanding that every problem Gives a gift and that without problems we would not Grow.

 I believe in Guiding children through these lenses. I believe in offering a relevant, rigorous and demanding curriculum where reflection is ongoing for both myself and the students. This curriculum will continually seek and lead to student learning and closing the achievement gap.


                               Theresa Reynolds


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