2019 Annual Performance Report

Missouri Annual Performance Report 2019
Posted on 10/16/2019

Brentwood School District

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will release Missouri school district Annual Performance Reports (APR) on October 17. Previously, the APR measured student performance by a points system to distinguish Missouri school buildings and school systems and to determine district accreditation. For example, last year our district received an APR percentage of 97.3%. 

This year, DESE has made significant changes to how APR is reported and Missouri schools are educating the Board, staff, parents, and community on interpreting the new look of the APR. Missouri school communications professionals have discussed how these changes will be messaged in our schools and communities. 

All APR data will continue to be published for all content and standards; targets and expectations also remain the same. However, there will be no points assignment. The APR data will now be represented statistically and visually, allowing schools to focus on student growth data rather than points. An APR Summary Report features colored bar charts that show if the district is at floor, approaching target, on track, or on target. The APR Supporting Data report shows more in-depth information on map data, graduation rates, and college and career readiness as well as multi-year results.

The new APR reporting offers a few advantages to help guide the District:

  • Provides districts with a way to focus directly on how students are doing.
  • Provides data measured in columns for growth (Are individual students making achievement gains over time?), status (Are all students achieving at high levels at this point in time?), and progress (Is this school/district making improvements over the prior year?).
  • Allows our school to celebrate particular areas of strength while recognizing areas for improvement.

This year’s APR will be both familiar and different. While it continues to measure schools against the same performance standards that it always has, it will also report the data from the perspective of growth. 

It is important to note that APR data is one point of many in how we track and monitor student success and progress in Brentwood. Our students are also assessed using tools like NWEA and ACT Aspire in order to provide teachers and administrators with “real-time” data that can allow adjustments and interventions to be made during the school year if a particular student is struggling. When taken as a whole, the data from all state and district administered assessments allows the Brentwood School District to have a complete picture of our students’ proficiency and growth. 

For more information, please visit our Annual Performance Report FAQ by clicking here. 
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