Coping with Anxiety

It's a normal part of life to experience occasional anxiety.

In the Brentwood School District, we recognize that students, families, and staff may all experience anxiety. The following resources have been curated by our counseling staff to help members of our community navigate and cope with anxiety and related symptoms.

Defining Anxiety

From early childhood through adolescence, anxiety can be a normal reaction to stressful situations.

Infancy and Preschool

Anxiety first appears at about 7–8 months of age as stranger anxiety, when an infant becomes distressed in the presence of strangers. At about 12–15 months of age, toddlers show separation anxiety when parents are not nearby. Both of these reactions are typical and indicate that development is progressing as expected. In general, severe stranger and separation anxiety dissipate by the end of the second year of life. Anxiety at this age is primarily associated with fears of strangers, new situations, animals, the dark, loud noises, falling, and injury.

School Age

Up to about age 8, many causes of anxiety continue from preschool levels with a focus on specific, identifiable events. With age, sources of anxiety become more social and abstract, such as worrying about friends, social acceptance, the future, and coping with a move to a new school. Adolescents tend to become more worried about sexual, religious, and moral issues as they continue to develop. In the vast majority of cases, children and adolescents cope well with these situations and severe or chronic anxiety is not common.

From National Association of School Psychologists:

If you or someone you know is experiencing crisis, please use the resources listed below. If this is an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

Crisis and Suicide Hotline Resources

  • Crisis/Suicide Prevention Hotline (Suicide/Crisis Line - 24 Hour Monitoring)
    1-800-273-8255 (toll free)
  • National Hopeline Network Suicide Hotline (24 Hour Monitoring)
    1-800-784-2433 (toll free)
  • Youth Emergency Services (Suicide/Crisis Line - 24 Hour Monitoring)
  • K.U.T.O. (Kids Under Twenty-one) Suicide Prevention/Crisis Helpline (24 Hour Monitoring)
    314-644-5886 or
  • Youth In Need Crisis Hotline (Counseling, Emergency Shelter)
  • Covenant House Crisis Care
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