Four high school students dressed in graduation caps and gowns
Two elementary school students working on an art project
Elementary school students viewing a presentation board and handmade diorama
Preschool student and grandfriend painting with watercolors
Middle school students completing a science experiment
High school cheerleaders smiling while marching in a community parade

Welcome to Brentwood

The Brentwood School District is committed to helping students succeed not only in academics, but also in life. We prepare our students for success through personalized learning, innovative instruction and social-emotional development. This high-quality education for all students is guided by strong community support, and a team of excellent teachers, support staff and administrators.


Whether you're new to Brentwood or just need to complete your annual enrollment paperwork, this page has the information you need. 

News and Announcements

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Facilities Updates

Construction updates and long-term facilities planning information.

Special Education

Brentwood School District, in partnership with Special School District of St. Louis County, collaborates with students, families, and staff so that students with special needs may realize their potential as we work to ensure that each child in our district is seen and supported along their individual pathway.

Race and Equity

Brentwood School District is committed to ensuring all students in our care, as well as their families and our staff members, are treated with respect, love, and care whatever their race, gender identity, orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status. Racism has no place in our community, and we will not tolerate actions or words that make any members of the Brentwood family feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Today at Brentwood

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