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Brentwood School District is located in the heart of St. Louis County and includes the City of Brentwood and portions of surrounding towns. The district covers just over two square miles, encompassing suburban neighborhoods, major retail areas, and businesses. Conveniently located centrally in the county, Brentwood School District is just minutes away from major universities, parks, and other attractions.

To empower and support our students with meaningful relationships that allow them to thrive and become positive forces of change. 

Established on March 3, 1920, shortly after the founding of the City of Brentwood, the district has a collective enrollment of 850 students among  the Early Childhood Center, Mark Twain and McGrath Elementary schools (K-5), Brentwood Middle School (6-8), and Brentwood High School (9-12). 

The Superintendent, Board of Education and school personnel work closely together with members of the Brentwood community to ensure the continuous improvement of the district.  

 In 2016, U.S. News & World Report selected Brentwood High School as one of the Best High Schools in the country, and the U.S. Department of Education named Mark Twain Elementary as a 2017 Blue Ribbon School.  

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