Annual Plant Sale


The Botany class, as part of the Biology Club, at BHS is having our annual plant sale.  All plants were selected by the students and grown organically as part of our Botany coursework.  Proceeds will be used to purchase supplies/materials for our greenhouse and to help support our student garden, as well as class project for the year.

We have a motivated group this year!  There is a variety of garden vegetables, flowers, herbs and succulents for anyone interested (see list below).  All plants will be sold for $3 each or 2 for $5 (any combination).  Our hope is to have these ready for delivery shortly after spring break.


Vegetable Plants:                   Flowers:                   Herbs             Succulents

Tomato                                   Shasta Daisy           Thyme            Aloe (possibly)

Cherry Tomato                       Zinnia                       Dill           

Bell Pepper                            Forget-me-not          Basil                  

Green Bean (bush variety)     Morning Glory         Oregano

Squash (Zucchini)                  Cosmos                   Cilantro

Cucumber                               Marigold                  




If interested, please email Zeyad Hamdan at by next Wednesday (3/17) letting us know how many of which plants you want.  This is a pre-order sale, so let us know what we can get ready for you!  We have started a few seedlings already but will need time to plant more depending on demand.

Thanks for the support!