School Leaders Participate in Safety Exercise

School main entry doors

March 28, 2023

Brentwood School District administrators recently participated in a school safety tabletop exercise organized by the Brentwood police and fire departments.

A school safety tabletop exercise simulates an emergency situation in a low-stress environment. Participants are taken through a scenario and the actions school leaders and local first responders will need to take before, during and after the emergency.

This exercise was designed to evaluate the safety and security measures on the Brentwood middle and high school campus, while making any updates needed to keep students and staff safe. The exercise also ensures district administrators and first responders understand their roles and responsibilities, and can work in unison during emergency situations.

“By working with our local first responders, we hope to reinforce and improve our policies and procedures to help keep our schools as safe and secure as possible,” said Superintendent Dr. Brian Lane. “Without the support of the Brentwood community, our responsibility to protect everyone in our care would be much more difficult.”

Moving forward, district administrators and first responders will strive to hold regular school safety tabletop exercises in order to re-evaluate protocols and ensure continuous staff training throughout the school year. The next exercise will focus on safety and security measures at Mark Twain and McGrath elementary schools.