Summer Learning Success!

three students discuss summer school projects while motioning to the work.

This summer, Brentwood was proud to host about 250 students for summer learning from grades Pre-K through 12! While summer school is often incorrectly viewed as a remedial program, Brentwood was able to offer opportunities for learners of all abilities to retain knowledge, prepare for next year, and explore topics (particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) that they are unable to explore during the school year. 

While Brentwood staff were thrilled with the program, the real success came from feedback from parents. “We loved [Camp LEARN]!” one parent said in our survey. “ I feel this was a good way to keep kiddos engaged and to further eliminate the “summer dump” brain. I hope this continues for future years.”

Brentwood’s emphasis, both in summer school and in the regular school year, is to include Project-Based Learning as a cornerstone of the teaching and learning experience. Project-Based Learning, or PBL, involves providing students with choice and autonomy in projects related to the class lessons. It helps them develop social and emotional skills alongside academic skills and allows students to develop a deeper passion for learning. 

For example, some of the students in the elementary summer program built a paper roller coaster to demonstrate their physics knowledge of mass and velocity. Other students explored chemistry by making their own non-Newtonian fluid out of water and cornstarch. At the secondary level, students have opportunities to take classes in a variety of areas not traditionally offered to high school students. While courses are offered online, Brentwood teachers provide real-time support directly to students to keep them engaged and on-track.

At the Early Childhood level, summer school students had the chance to brush up on skills that would help them succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. It also provided an opportunity for students not currently in Brentwood’s Early Childhood Program to be exposed to a quality early childhood education before heading into elementary school.