Canvas by Instructure is a Learning Management System (LMS). This implements the same concepts as Google Classroom, but with more sophisticated tools to improve the user experience of teachers and families alike. From a big picture perspective, the goal of Canvas is to become a central warehouse of all classroom content, documentation, assignments, quizzes, grading, schedules, and general information related to each class. Content can be created with Canvas, or pulled in from Google, YouTube, and many other resources already in use today. Parents and students will no longer need to access a number of various websites to complete coursework or support their student.


Canvas has many tools and features to help students and families stay connected with their teachers while virtual learning is taking place. In particular, four key features will be useful in addressing the feedback we received at the end of last school year.

Feature 1: Calendar & Due Dates

  • All teachers will provide assignment due dates in the Canvas calendar.

  • The Canvas Calendar generates a “to-do” list that streamlines assignments from all courses in one place.

Feature 2: Inbox

  • Students and parents can communicate with teachers through the inbox.

  • Elementary students will have the capability of communicating with their teachers in a safe, monitored environment.

Feature 3: Course Information/Class Expectations

  • Teachers will post course information and expectations on their Canvas courses.

  • Parents and students will have open access to this information throughout the year.

Feature 4: Link to Lessons

  • Teachers will post links to all lessons in Canvas.

  • Canvas will serve as an academic resource hub for all courses.

Parent training opportunities will be provided prior to the start of the school year. Teachers will also receive training focusing on these four areas in early August.

NOTE: The Canvas mobile app does not support all features of the learning management system. For example, feedback and comments are not visible via the mobile app. To access all product features, please log in to Canvas via a laptop or desktop computer.



  1. Sign in to Google using Brentwood email address

    1. K-3 & NEW Students: additional password setup required on initial login

    2. 4th-12th Grade Students: use existing password

  2. Once logged in to Google, go to:

    1. This should automatically bring you to your Canvas “Dashboard”


  1. Obtain “Pairing Code” from your child’s Canvas account:

    1. Click “Account” in the STUDENT Canvas shell

    2. Select “Settings”

    3. Select “Pair with Observer” (it should be on the right side of the page)

    4. Write the code down (the code is case sensitive)

  2. Go to:

  3. Click “Parent of Canvas User?” (at the top of the page)

    1. Register your parent account (name, email, password, & “Pairing Code”)

    2. Click “Start Participating”