Brentwood is dedicated to providing a future-ready curriculum that prepares all learners for success in life. Here are some of the key takeaways about our curriculum and curriculum writing process:

We write and teach our own curriculum.

Brentwood educators write the curriculum for the district through an extensive curriculum writing cycle. This leads to a future-ready, rigorous curriculum to challenge students and support them on their individual pathways. The curriculum teaches the skills students need to be successful in the world in which they will live and lead.

Teachers then take the curriculum and teach it across the district so that regardless of where your student attends school or when they join Brentwood, your children will get the student-centered attention they deserve

We continuously review and update our curriculum.

The process of writing and implementing curriculum is continuous in Brentwood. Teachers take part in the process to review curriculum documents on an annual basis. A curriculum revision cycle allows Brentwood to continually review, revise, and update curriculum as part of a five-year process with support and approval of the Board of Education. 

We align with top academic standards.

Educational standards provided by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as national benchmarks provide clear goals for student learning and success. While it is important to follow each student's individual social, emotional, and academic journey, academic standards help develop our roadmap to ensuring each child receives the education they deserve.


Dr. Alex Tripamer

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction