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McGrath Elementary School

McGrath Elementary School *Bell schedules updated from current student/staff handbooks. Please check with your school secretary to be sure that these bell times are accurate.
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
Breakfast 7:45 AM 8:00 AM 15 min
Arrival Bell 8:00 AM
Tardy Bell 8:10 AM
Kindergarten/1st Grade Recess/Lunch 11:15 AM 11:55 AM 40 min
2nd and 3rd Grade Recess/Lunch 11:35 AM 12:15 PM 40 min
4th and 5th Grade Recess/Lunch 11:55 AM 12:35 PM 40 min
Early Dismissal 12:00 PM
Early Dismissal for Bus Riders 11:55 AM
Travel bell for Bus Riders 12:55 PM
End of Regular Day Warning Bell 3:00 PM
End of Regular Day/Dismissal 3:05 PM