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Focus of the Year

2015-2016 Focus of the Year: Shared Mindset

Our theme this year will be “Shared Mindset,” which is a natural progression from the work that we’ve done the last two years as a staff with “Growth Mindset.” Our study of growth mindset led us to examine how we praise students and acknowledge effort on a daily basis. Instead of praising students for good work, we now focus on offering praise when students demonstrate grit and perseverance. The goal is to have students equate hard work and tenacity to success. Focusing on growth mindset has also led to a renewed commitment to growing ourselves as educational practitioners understanding that collaboration is truly one of the most effective practices to improve team performance. By working in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) we’ve researched, implemented and shared effective teaching strategies with one another, which has enabled us to grow collectively as a staff and strengthen our overall school program.