Facilities Planning

Substantial needs have been identified at all schools within Brentwood School District (BSD)- Mark Twain (MT) and McGrath (MG) Elementary, Brentwood Middle School (BMS), and Brentwood High School (BHS).

Beginning in 2013, the District began a process to address these needs, but was halted due to financial constraints. In 2016, the process was re-started with a facilities committee consisting of 39 district stakeholders including BSD parents, staff, private school parents, and community members. This group comprehensively evaluated multiple iterations of the plans over a 1+ year period. Due to bonding capacity and significant needs, the decision was made to pursue facilities renewal in two phases: The first phase would address BMS and BHS, and the second phase would address the elementary schools.

In April 2018, Proposition B proposed a no tax increase bond for new construction and renovation at BMS and BHS and passed with 89% approval rate. Phase I of facilities renewal is now ongoing and expected to be completed by summer 2021. A Phase II committee composed of parents, staff, and community members has been meeting throughout 2019 to continue the process to address building needs. 

In 2020, Proposition E proposed a modest tax increase to address construction needs at Mark Twain and McGrath Elementary Schools as well as the desire to incorporate the Early Childhood Building into one of the elementary schools. Proposition E passed in June 2020, paving the way for a sustained focus on facilities for the district. 

Phase II Facilities Update - March 2021

Phase II Facilities

On March 15th and 29th, the district and HTK architects will host a neighborhood meeting to provide updates, answer questions, and gather additional feedback on preliminary designs for McGrath/BECC. If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, please complete the form below.

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Phase 1 - Middle and High School

Phase 2 - BECC / Elementary Schools

Phase 1: McGrath/BECC

  • 6-Month Design Work Completed: 6/9/2021

  • Early Sitework Package Bidding:    April 2021

  • Project Bidding: June/July 2021

  • Construction Completed: January 2023

  • Fall 2023 - McGrath students attend school in new building; Mark Twain students begin their year at the old McGrath building

Phase 2: Mark Twain Elementary

  • Concept Design: January – March 2021

  • Design Hold: April – July 2021  (Timeline may be adjusted to September based on progress at McGrath site.

  • Complete Design: Summer 2022  (November 2022)

  • Project Bidding:  Aug / Sept 2022 (December 2022)

  • Fall 2023: Mark Twain students begin their year at the old McGrath building

  • Construction Completed: January 2024