Phase I Final Summary

Phase I of the Brentwood School District facilities updates was substantially completed on August 23, 2021, with final completion of elevator 3 and minor punch and warranty items completed throughout winter 2021. 

Below is a summary of the final costs associated with the project. 

Final Budget Update

  Original Budget Final Costs
Construction Costs $18,496,000 $20,458,823
Special Construction $0 $5,022
Professional Services $1,386,336 $1,699,022
Misc./Advertising/Moving Costs $0 $210,222
TOTAL COSTS $20,091,285 $22,531,504


Budget and Schedule Factors

  • Unforeseen conditions

  • Owner added scope items

  • Planning and sequencing work

  • Design issues

  • Low budget for contingency items

  • COVID-19 impact

Strategies for Future Projects 

  • Early owner input in the planning and design phases

  • Estimates at scheduling and design development levels. Design adjustments after estimates to maintain budgets.

  • Healthy contingencies for both new construction and renovation work

  • Bi-weekly meetings between owner, architect, and contractors

  • Transparency on schedule and budget updates.