Food Service

The Brentwood School District has partnered with Chartwells to provide students with quality food and nutrition knowledge. Chartwells believes all students should have access to wholesome and appetizing food, whether it is a full meal or a quick snack. Menus offer whole grains, local fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and baked goods.

If you have any question regarding food service at Brentwood, please contact Lauren Steffens, director of food service, at 573-579-6375 or

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Menus on Nutrislice!

Chartwells has partnered with Nutrislice to publish school menus to an interactive website and free smartphone app. Now you can access your menus anywhere, anytime.

The menus feature more information about items, including photos and descriptions, as well as the option to filter common food allergens, including nuts, dairy and wheat. You can also access nutrition information, like carb counts and calories, and print PDF versions of menus directly from the website.

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Two kids eating healthy lunches

Nutrition for Kids!

Nutrition is extremely important to our overall health. This is especially imperative when it comes to kids, since they are in the early stages of physical development, and they need to have healthy and strong bodies.

The following link has games, activities, and other resources to help kids of all ages learn healthy eating habits!

Nutrition for Kids - Games & Activities