Health Screenings

The health screening programs of the Brentwood School District are designed to examine the populations at highest risk at a time when early intervention has the most benefit. The following guidelines govern the district's health screening program:

1.         Annually the nursing staff will meet and evaluate the district screening procedures for the following:

            a.         The number of referrals compared to the previous year's.

            b.         Review the referrals that resulted in corrections (glasses/contacts, therapy, etc.).

            c.         Examine for repeat referrals and investigate why interventions were not made.

            d.         Determine if more information about available services needs to be better communicated to parents/guardians. (Examples: Lion's Club, Lenscrafters, assistance with MC Plus for uninsured children.)

            e.         Assess if all targeted groups were screened.

            f.         Consider whether different groups should be targeted.

            g.         Assess if another screening schedule would produce better results.

            h.         Analyze if another screening method or additional personnel would enhance the screening process.

2.         The district's screening plan is to provide early identification and refer for corrective action any health-related issue.

The district vision screening plan will occur:

            a.         As part of the yearly Parents as Teachers (PAT) screenings.

            b.         At each grade level in the elementary schools.

            c.         In grades 7, 9, 11.

            d.         As part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process for Special School District (SSD).

            f.         As otherwise necessary for individual students' needs. (Examples: new to the school, requested by parents, follow-up for failed screenings.)

Annually hearing screenings will occur:

            a.         As part of the yearly Parents as Teachers screenings.

            b.         As part of the pre-kindergarten testing.

            c.         In grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.

            d.         As part of the IEP process for Special School District.

            e.         As otherwise necessary for individual students' needs. (Examples: new to the school, requested by parents, follow-up for failed screenings.)

Scoliosis screenings will be conducted once during middle school grades 6–8.

To verify normal growth patterns, students will be weighed and measured:

            a.         Annually in the elementary grades.

            b.         In grades 7, 9, 11.

            c.         As needed for sport team information.

            d.         As otherwise necessary for individual students' needs. (Examples: new to the school, requested by parents, assisting with weight control or growth patterns.)

3.         Hearing screenings are conducted by SSD staff, who determines the date Brentwood School District screenings are conducted. Usually elementary screenings are conducted mid-September and the middle school/high school in November.

Vision screenings at the elementary level are conducted during the first quarter before the first conference date. At the middle school/high school, they are conducted as efficiently as possible. PAT screenings are done in February and pre-kindergarten screenings are conducted in March.

Scoliosis screenings are conducted at a time convenient for staff and students.

Heights and weights of elementary students are done either in spring or fall in conjunction with the fitness evaluations done in PE class. At the middle school/high school heights and weights are done working with the PE department.

4.         The nursing staff will assist the superintendent or designee in identifying individual personnel to be utilized in the screening process.

5.         Parents will be advised by letter of any student who has negative results in a school screening. Further evaluation will be requested, asking that information be returned to the school. Follow-up on referrals will be done by the nurse either by phone or letter requesting information from the medical evaluation.

Scoliosis screenings will be scheduled and parents notified in advance to give opportunity to exclude their child from the screening.

6.         Follow-ups to screening results will be sent for those needing further evaluation. School health services will maintain a list of resources available for assisting parents/guardians. Documentation of test results will be maintained the student's record.

Parents/Guardians who need to consult with district staff regarding the results of any screening should contact the school nurse.